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Whats your favourite type of cache

+2 votes
Your favourite type of geocache
asked Jun 26, 2016 in Miscellaneous by Pip1704 (1,400 points)

23 Answers

0 votes
i do not have a special cache type what i like best, for me is important that listing, hide and container is "fitting"... of course, lost-place multicaches are mostly more interesting than a traditional pet behind a tree, but i hav found lots of very nice made traditionals ... if you feel the owner has invested some brain, than I like the cache...
answered Mar 18 by (1,070 points)
0 votes

I'd have to say my favorite types of caches are any type of hide (traditional, multi, etc.) that are non-typical containers, and caches that take me to locations I would have never gone to without geocaching.  I've only done one where-i-go, but it was a blast and I've got more of them on my to-do list! smiley

answered 6 days ago by stickboy26 (200 points)
0 votes
i love citos but also traditionals ;)
answered 6 days ago by Rufus75 (150 points)