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How do you prefer your geocaching events?

+9 votes

I'm a big fan of geocaching events, both when it comes to visiting them and arranging them. I'd like to know what others find to be most important for a good event. 

  • Meeting other geocachers is a staple of events, obviously. Is that the main drawing point for you? If so, do you prefer to talk to your old caching friends or the new cachers that you haven't met before?
  • Is it important that there are new geocaches published in association with an event, or is that even a bad thing?
  • Many events involve food in some way: lunch events, coffee gettogethers, dinner gatherings, picknicks, etc. Is this a good thing or just a complication for those who want to eat at home and just meet people?
  • Some events are created to let people try something new (rock climbing, ice skating, juggling, etc). Is this a draw or a drag?
  • Is it important to place the event at a beautiful site (perhaps far into the woods) or is it more important that the site is easy to get to and accessible for all (public transport, paved paths, etc)?
  • Does the size of the event affect if you want to attend or not? Is less more, or bigger better?
  • What would make you definitely go to a particular event? What you make you definitely not go to a particular event?

These are just some ideas to get you going on what makes a good event for you. I'm interested in any comments, whether they are directly related to these questions or to something completely different.

asked Oct 18, 2016 in Miscellaneous by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (77,840 points)
edited Nov 1, 2016 by pinkunicorn (Moderator)
I'm an event junkie, pretty much if its within 50 miles and I'm available to go, I do, especially if there is a souvenir involved.
That being said, I have great respect for a very-planned event. By far, the best event I have ever been to, geocaching or otherwise, was Going Caching, an annual mega event in Georgia. If you ever have a chance to go, its always amazing!

23 Answers

0 votes
We like events where we can meet our friends and talk to them. There is no need to have a big program. Sometimes it is good to have some things to learn but that is not neccassary. Mega events are nice to have but small events are great too. If there are new caches around the event there are so many people. To search these caches is not really fun.

In our opinion events are great for talking with our friends and meet new cachers.
answered Apr 17 by willi&trine (2,010 points)
0 votes
I am not generally keen on restaurant based events. I prefer something more family orientated, like picnicks.

Best event I ever held - I hid 100 little rubber ducks in a native forest park for a weekend lunchtime picnick event. The children had a great time, and so did the adults. Each duck had its name written on it, two people found ducks with their own name!
answered Apr 20 by the Seagnoid (19,430 points)
0 votes
Meet another geocachers somewhere else than over cache is great idea. Especially if some cachers attends on bigger events and come from other regions or countries.

There is just question where is the point beyond them will be event paid or not.... (yes I know that logbook should be public accesible without any payments but everybody knows about some exceptions covered with miscleanous reasons)
answered Apr 20 by drobec (2,830 points)