ARCHIVE Checker requests (impossible)

Moderators will move threads from "Checker requests" into this forum after a while when it has been decided that the challenge checker isn't possible for one or another reason. The threads should not be moved right away. The challenge owner should have a chance to adjust his requirements if that helps. 
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[Cancelled] i would like a challange cache

by robuster91
47 3 12/20/2021 06:42PM
Last Post by robuster91

[Awaiting feedback] Possible error in checker for GC1W9ZA

by kilroy18
80 2 12/19/2021 11:25AM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Cancelled] 2000 per anno

by MuggelM
54 3 12/14/2021 09:25PM
Last Post by MuggelM

[Cancelled] Can a challenge be made for Labcaches?

by str8upcacher
53 3 12/11/2021 06:40PM
Last Post by str8upcacher

[Cancelled] 5 x 50% Queenslander Challenge it for review GC9K4QE

by georode
74 3 12/08/2021 11:20AM
Last Post by georode

[Cancelled] Checker please for: GC9K3YZ

by jazzyjessups
90 2 12/07/2021 10:20PM
Last Post by sumbloke

[Cancelled] Check Script for GC4WR0M

by mjholley
84 3 12/07/2021 02:08AM
Last Post by mjholley

[Cancelled] GC9K1DD - The FORMULA 1 Challenge Cache

by Elmeraculous
104 3 12/04/2021 03:09PM
Last Post by Elmeraculous

[Cancelled] height required

by chamad
147 8 12/03/2021 06:38PM
Last Post by Pleu

[Cancelled] Challenge Cache

by chamad
105 5 11/26/2021 12:57PM
Last Post by chamad

[Cancelled] Challenge Cache #2

by chamad
106 2 11/26/2021 11:16AM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Cancelled] FTF in 8 counties in Canada challenge checker (GC9JR37)

by SouthLakers
91 3 11/25/2021 08:31PM
Last Post by SouthLakers

[Cancelled] 10.000 Favoritenpunkte von einem Owner - Challenge

by Bernd2010
77 2 11/24/2021 07:27PM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Awaiting feedback] Re-enable tags

by BeayPepe
84 3 11/22/2021 04:32PM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Cancelled] Challenge Checker

by TeamErdmännchenWNK
97 4 11/22/2021 02:09PM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Cancelled] Challenge Checker

by TeamErdmännchenWNK
109 4 11/22/2021 02:08PM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Cancelled] Checker request GC9GANQ - 2000 Fav Points

by Taragorn
96 3 11/21/2021 02:03PM
Last Post by Taragorn

[Cancelled] Need a challenge checker GC9J56N A-B-C'S OF FTF HOUNDS

by seafan1
117 2 11/15/2021 11:00AM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Cancelled] GC9JAG7: Challenge Request: Count Caches with same leading name

by z00l00k
81 3 11/12/2021 04:43PM
Last Post by z00l00k

[Cancelled] nevermind

by syfun
95 2 11/11/2021 03:45AM
Last Post by sumbloke

[Awaiting feedback] New Birthday String Challenge

by GJO_2010
153 4 11/10/2021 12:36PM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Awaiting feedback] church micro be GC9HVE3

by P@je
127 3 11/10/2021 12:35PM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Awaiting feedback] GC9HQP0 Cache Replacement Fairy Challenge

by CDF_204
166 5 11/10/2021 12:34PM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Cancelled] Need a checker for a Challenge Mystery Bonus Cache in Rome

by sambro65
138 4 11/09/2021 12:15PM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Cancelled] GC9J6VN

by SchulziGeo
153 4 11/08/2021 02:33PM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Cancelled] Challenge Checker for 360° from home

by Dr. Win
71 3 11/05/2021 05:55PM
Last Post by Dr. Win

[Cancelled] Challenge Checker

by TeamErdmännchenWNK
155 2 11/02/2021 04:55PM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Cancelled] Texas State Park Checker

by Carrot Killer
145 2 11/01/2021 08:26PM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Awaiting feedback] Como crear un cheker para un challege nuevo GC9HKBE

by Lucky13Nacho
177 5 11/01/2021 08:27AM
Last Post by Chaman Calle

[Cancelled] Checker needed for GC9HWBW (1357-Foto-Challenge)

by laufente67
149 3 10/30/2021 09:33PM
Last Post by laufente67