ARCHIVE Checker requests (impossible)

Moderators will move threads from "Checker requests" into this forum after a while when it has been decided that the challenge checker isn't possible for one or another reason. The threads should not be moved right away. The challenge owner should have a chance to adjust his requirements if that helps. 
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[Cancelled] [Newbie] Challenge checker request

by AntMadeira
1,694 5 10/08/2017 08:20PM
Last Post by AntMadeira

[Cancelled] GC7D30D Sonoma ranch challenge need a challenge checker

by moname23
1,629 4 10/03/2017 01:49PM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Cancelled] GC7C01K -666 streak- checker request

by Gaby22
1,621 8 10/02/2017 10:10AM
Last Post by Gaby22

[Cancelled] GC7D295 geocache challenge#1 requesting checker

by moname23
1,884 7 10/02/2017 07:48AM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Cancelled] GC2TTBR - Love a Cache Challenge

by Starkacher
1,445 4 09/28/2017 07:18PM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Cancelled] GC5P8EE - Numbers: The Resurrection Challenge

by Starkacher
1,580 4 09/28/2017 07:17PM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Cancelled] Cancelled - GC781HY - Lonely (Challenge)

by Starkacher
1,405 2 09/28/2017 06:17PM
Last Post by Starkacher

[Cancelled] GC746F7 100 x 3 100 finds a month

by vj24
1,801 3 09/28/2017 05:28PM
Last Post by vj24

[Cancelled] Check Quality

by July4ers
1,968 3 09/28/2017 10:30AM
Last Post by July4ers

[Cancelled] search tag to check word count in title 100 x Ravel

by Pepegeo
1,556 3 09/25/2017 02:32PM
Last Post by Pepegeo

[Cancelled] Clarification of guidelines

by DjBricheta
2,182 7 09/25/2017 12:43PM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Cancelled] 11 FTF's (Challenge Cache)

by thomara
1,880 3 09/25/2017 12:35PM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Cancelled] Trifecta Challenge - Checker

by MudMen_GER
2,062 6 09/25/2017 11:58AM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Awaiting feedback] Checker

by plymplodder
1,563 5 09/25/2017 11:52AM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Cancelled] Checker GC78C92

by orso81
1,643 7 09/22/2017 08:50AM
Last Post by orso81

[Cancelled] Request for 360 degree checker for GC766FF

by GerardvL
1,537 4 09/22/2017 12:08AM
Last Post by GerardvL

[Cancelled] GC7C2GH 13 cache types challenge

by JakeDot
1,882 4 09/21/2017 11:49PM
Last Post by JakeDot

[Cancelled] Favoritepoints

by Rintintinn
1,545 3 09/19/2017 07:45PM
Last Post by Rintintinn

[Cancelled] Owner Challenge - simple D and T rating

by Elefantensulz
1,575 3 09/19/2017 07:05PM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Cancelled] Challenge Checker für 8 Cachetypen an einem Tag

by RosenQuarz
1,463 3 09/19/2017 06:51PM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Cancelled] GC5QN88 Lonely Mountain Challenge

by leelelee
1,496 4 09/19/2017 06:35PM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Cancelled] Different type of caches milestone challenge checker

by lei_joh
1,617 3 09/19/2017 06:28PM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Cancelled] GC5H8MC - Find Certain Caches in a County

by Strombus
1,679 9 09/13/2017 09:59PM
Last Post by Strombus

[Cancelled] 10 FTF's (Challenge Cache)

by thomara
1,883 3 09/11/2017 10:26PM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Cancelled] GC7B4A4, 500 discovered TBs in Madeira Portugal

by Carolina_Silva
1,801 3 09/11/2017 07:12PM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Cancelled] Checker

by lollaisen
2,136 6 09/11/2017 07:11PM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Cancelled] GC7AHQM - Checker needed for lonely cache challenge

by da Bush Man
1,951 6 09/11/2017 07:10PM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Cancelled] Checker required GC6M9FS

by seanx90
1,802 3 09/11/2017 06:50PM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Cancelled] Technical question for an Event challenge checker

by scubby
2,134 6 09/11/2017 06:46PM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Cancelled] Challenge Checker Request - GC79CED

by neolife
1,682 5 09/11/2017 06:44PM
Last Post by vogelbird