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Moderators will move threads from "Checker requests" into this forum after a while when it has been decided that the challenge checker isn't possible for one or another reason. The threads should not be moved right away. The challenge owner should have a chance to adjust his requirements if that helps. 
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[Cancelled] Challenge Checker Find Caches in mehreren St├Ądten

by ludy64
2,741 8 08/26/2016 02:45PM
Last Post by ludy64

[Cancelled] Cheker Request: GC2N740 Challenge of the Century: Collaboration

by PeanutsParents
2,125 2 08/25/2016 08:19PM
Last Post by mole125

[Cancelled] GC6KPXA - Blair County Challenge

by Profbrad
2,076 4 08/25/2016 06:50PM
Last Post by Profbrad

[Cancelled] Scenic adventurer challenge

by Elev8!on [mrnoo17]
2,149 3 08/23/2016 01:07PM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Cancelled] GC6HYJ2 GCHR Olympics Medalists Challenge

by AllstarSS
2,396 3 08/21/2016 06:57PM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Cancelled] GC6QHTH - placed caches by found date

by GenCuster
2,304 4 08/20/2016 05:29PM
Last Post by Target.

[Awaiting feedback] GC611H4 - 10 geocaches owned with tree climb attribute

by Abused
2,179 1 08/17/2016 09:03AM
Last Post by Abused

[Cancelled] GC6QAXB Challenge dos FTFs - have to find 20 FTFs minimum

by ankhesenamon
2,454 4 08/16/2016 08:36PM
Last Post by ankhesenamon

[Cancelled] GC6Q2HA - Challenge "The diverse cacher"

by patch1031
2,647 7 08/12/2016 05:48PM
Last Post by patch1031

[Cancelled] GC1K1TK 12 Days of Caching

by ===sgb
2,208 7 08/12/2016 11:43AM
Last Post by mole125

[Cancelled] Matrix-Checker D*T >= 5

by Maxipimpf
2,303 8 08/11/2016 06:33AM
Last Post by sumbloke

[Cancelled] GC6PESK Alphabet Soup Challenge of Rockford

by DelicateFlower & Tim
2,530 5 08/03/2016 04:33AM
Last Post by DelicateFlower & Tim

[Cancelled] Checker request - visit 20 of the 30 biggest cities in germany

by suzidriver
2,691 8 08/02/2016 11:21AM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Cancelled] GC6NDAG

2,252 7 08/01/2016 10:20PM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Awaiting feedback] Pre-Checker for GC4RHDH Ein Owner - zwei Caches - Challenge

by TeamFlashSTL
3,003 9 08/01/2016 04:25PM
Last Post by TeamFlashSTL

[Cancelled] GC6PE5K Alphanumeric Challenge of Rockford

by DelicateFlower & Tim
2,549 2 08/01/2016 03:47AM
Last Post by sumbloke

[Cancelled] GC6PBAA - owner challenge

by Megalania
2,265 1 07/30/2016 11:50AM
Last Post by Megalania

[Cancelled] GC32Z5Z only display cache centroid coords

by AddHam
2,000 3 07/29/2016 01:56PM
Last Post by Target.

[Cancelled] #day of the month = #founds that day, for all 31 days

by Wilxlii Carrotte
2,208 4 07/28/2016 10:02AM
Last Post by Wilxlii Carrotte

[Cancelled] found date = published date at least 1/month streak 36 months

by madelief24
2,599 3 07/27/2016 09:22AM
Last Post by madelief24

[Cancelled] GC6JZE2 - Coat of Arms and Map Geo-Art Challenge

by IolantheK
2,716 7 07/26/2016 06:30PM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Cancelled] New checker for GC6MFDW - 20 mysteries (unknown) in a region excluding a geoart

by scubie999
2,409 4 07/26/2016 02:36PM
Last Post by scubie999

[Cancelled] GC6P2T2-Three Continent Travel Bug Challenge

by LINYguy
1,920 2 07/25/2016 10:49AM
Last Post by mole125

[Cancelled] 100 Finds in a Day x 5

by geocat_
1,972 2 07/25/2016 10:44AM
Last Post by mole125

[Cancelled] Is a Checker possible?

by --|Fint|--
2,303 8 07/23/2016 10:56PM
Last Post by --|Fint|--

[Cancelled] GC6MVNW Non-traditional 100 Day Streak Challenge Checker Request

by IbePaul
2,466 4 07/23/2016 03:39PM
Last Post by IbePaul

[Cancelled] Coordinate proximity challenge question

by Evil Cow Pie
2,600 5 07/19/2016 03:35PM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Cancelled] Checker request for CHALLENGE DA GEOTOUR AZORES (GC6KTA7- Not Published)

by pedro.b.almeida
2,152 5 07/18/2016 08:15PM
Last Post by pedro.b.almeida

[Cancelled] Reviewer Challenge - checker needed

by T-Team!
2,631 4 07/18/2016 05:11PM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Cancelled] Need a checker please for GC6NN5J - Caching Karma

by The Platonas Two
2,202 3 07/18/2016 10:13AM
Last Post by The Platonas Two