[Cancelled] 360 Challenge

[Cancelled] 360 Challenge
May 16, 2016 02:49AM
Is it possible to have a checker written for a 360 degree challenge within Maryland boundaries, where I can change the posted coordinates easily? I'm not a programmer. I'm hoping to place this as soon as GS allows new challenge caches again. Thanks.
Re: 360 Challenge
May 16, 2016 03:24AM
If I understand your question correctly, the answer is no. There's no facility to provide variable inputs to a checker other than the user you wish to run it on.

The question I have for you is: what exactly are you wanting the challenge to be? If you want it to be 360 degrees around the cacher's home coordinates or a cache of their choosing, it won't be possible under the current checker framework. A 360 degree challenge around a fixed point (for example, a landmark in Baltimore) would be possible.
Re: 360 Challenge
May 16, 2016 03:35AM
The challenge I have in mind is intended to be from a fixed point that will be posted on the challenge cache (either Posted coordinates or something close to it), but I haven't yet determined that point. The change I mentioned would be a one-time change prior to publishing the cache, once I get a viable location. Does that help? Thanks.
Re: 360 Challenge
May 16, 2016 03:42AM
That should definitely be possible. Just post the coordinates and GC code with the full details of the challenge once you've got it decided.

It looks like all the 360 degree challenges created so far have been done with non-standard checkers, so a new script will be needed. This would mean it probably won't be an immediate response once you give the details (unless the script is written in the meantime). If I get a bit of free time I'll look at writing a script.
Re: 360 Challenge
May 16, 2016 04:00AM
Thanks - I'll get you some details shortly!
Re: 360 Challenge
May 28, 2016 03:16AM
I have created GC6JKNX for this challenge. I am starting with N39º 20.738, W077º 08.118 as the coordinates to calculate from. My requirement is to find a cache within the borders of Maryland in each of the 360 degrees of the circle around these posted coordinates. There should be enough caches that every degree can be covered here. Please let me know if you need more information. Thanks.
Re: 360 Challenge
May 28, 2016 03:18AM
Oh, I would like to have a graphic output like the California 360 challenge has. Thanks.
Re: 360 Challenge
May 28, 2016 03:29PM
The 360-challenge checkers are very special. To get a fully featured checker for those you will need to contact Project-GC's support. There was recently added a special note about them in the READ FIRST in this forum.

The support team will need to know:
* The center point (N39º 20.738, W077º 08.118)
* The area (Maryland)

The usual case for such challenge to work is that it requires 8000-10000 geocaches and a good center point. Otherwise they normally don't have geocaches in all the sectors. Maryland seems to have almost exactly 10000 geocaches, so it has potential.

Please also note that the new guidelines require you to fulfil the challenge yourself. With your ~1700 finds in Maryland I would guess you are quite far away from completing it, if you don't live very close to the center point chosen, which also needs to be well centered in the state.

From experience, it takes quite a lot of work to complete these challenges. I have myself logged one, and almost have one more completed. I would say that I have found an average of 3 sectors per hour. So, if missing half of the sectors, it's 180/3h to complete it. Some parts are of course easier than others.

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Re: 360 Challenge
May 28, 2016 04:29PM
And there is another complication.
ruled 4 "Challenge cache owners must demonstrate that there are plenty of qualifying caches to meet the challenge at the time of publication."

There has to be enough caches in every degree if the rewiever ask for it.

I would recoment using the gsak macro
to check for a good location for you

I am planing to create one myself and have created a taggable checker that i hope is identical to the real on
You only have 277 of 360 found on that location so you have a long way to go.

I created a program that checked for an optimal location for me.
I do not yet meet the requirement. And a need som more hides to get the minimal caches per degree to 2. And i suspect that is will not be enough caches
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