[Cancelled] New checkers

[Cancelled] New checkers
February 06, 2020 11:33PM
Good morning/evening.

I want to create two challenges :
The first would be called "Challenge : un marathon par jour... sinon rien ! " translated as "Challenge : a marathon per day... or nothing !"
The second would be called "Challenge : la diagonale... c'est complétement fou !" translated as "Challenge : the diagonal... it's absolutly crazy !"

The goal for the first challenge is that the "Total cache-to-cache distance" divided by the "Total days" >=42 (total days from the beginning of the geocacher's career).
The geocacher must have at least 200 "found it". It means that, from the beginning, the geocacher "ran" a marathon every day.

The goal for the second challenge is that de "Total cache-to-cache distance" divided by the "Total caching days" >= 164
The geocacher must have at least 200 "found it". It means, that every geocaching day the geocacher "ran" a least 164 km.

In "La RĂ©union", a french island in the Indian Ocean, is a 164 km ultra trail called "La diagonale des fous" (could be translated as "the diagonal of the crazies - or crazy people")

Do you think that's possible to create a checker for each challenge ? I did not found checkers for such challenges.

Many thanks for your answer. Didier from Loulousoleil
Re: New checkers
February 07, 2020 01:08AM
I'm pretty sure that's against the guidelines, since it punishes you for finding a cache close to your last one on a new day (because you're only dividing by the days caching). Any challenge punishing any find won't be permitted.

If you changed it to divide by "days since first cache find" there would be no rule directly forbidding such a challenge, however I feel it won't even be published like that since it is a time-dependant challenge that involves an unlimited period of time. Further it punishes long-time cachers.

It'd be good if you asked a reviewer whether this is publishable. From a technical point, there is nothing stopping us from creating these checkers.
Re: New checkers
February 07, 2020 09:19AM
Thanks for answering me so quickly. Like we say it in french : "C'est mort" litteraly translated as "It's dead" !
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