[Awaiting feedback] GC3TA03 - Sportliche Challenge #Bonus (Germany)

[Awaiting feedback] GC3TA03 - Sportliche Challenge #Bonus (Germany)
April 04, 2021 07:36PM
Hallo vogelbird
Ich habe gesehen dass Du in Projekt-GC einen "GC3TA03 - Sportliche Challenge #Bonus (Germany)" checker hast.
Ich bräuchte einen ähnlichen, um eine kleine Serie zu überprüfen.
Meine Caches sind:
GC671FC, GC671GK, GC671JN, GC671KG, GC671P2, GC6733Y, GC6734H, GC67363, GC675BX

Es sollten alle Caches gefunden worden sein, damit die Challenge erfült ist. Kannst Du mir da weiterhelfen?

Besten Dank für Deine Hife.
Re: GC3TA03 - Sportliche Challenge #Bonus (Germany)
April 04, 2021 08:29PM
I'm sorry but since the introduction in 2016 of the challenge guidelines this type of challenge is no longer allowed.
GC3TA03 is published prior to April 21, 2015 is a legacy cache in the game.

Please read

Not acceptable
These cache page elements: cache titles, cache owner, GC Codes, publishing Reviewer, or cache page text.
Re: GC3TA03 - Sportliche Challenge #Bonus (Germany)
April 20, 2021 12:57PM
This thread has not received any further feedback and will therefor be moved to ARCHIVE Checker requests (impossible). Should the requester have any queries he can raise his question on this thread in the archived section,
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