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[Cancelled] New checker for counties find
May 28, 2021 05:07PM
Have an idea for a new challenge cache, and per the guidelines, I think it is possible.
I live in Ontario, York County, Canada, and commute to work into Toronto.
Is it possible to create a challenge where you have to have more finds in one county compared to another.
My request for a checker would be to claim the cache, your total finds in York County (Ontario) must be greater than your total finds in Toronto County (Ontario).
You must have a minimum of one find in each county.
All cache types count (except Lab caches).
Active, disabled and archived caches count.
I know there are several existing challenges for a certain number of finds in a county, just want to make sure you can issue a challenge for more finds in one county over another.
Please let me know,
Re: New checker for counties find
May 28, 2021 05:37PM
My first instinct is that this would be a no go under the thought that it motivates you to not cache in one county. So this seems like it would fall under possible but prohibited.

You may want to check with the local reviewer.
Re: New checker for counties find
May 29, 2021 04:23AM
Got the thumbs down from the local reviewer.

One of the concerns would be that every time someone was finding a cache in the Region of Toronto it would make this challenge more difficult. That discourages caching in that region and from what I understand would cause this challenge to be declined.

Thanks for your help, still trying to think of ways to make the challenges more interesting!

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