[Cancelled] Checker for trackables by user

[Cancelled] Checker for trackables by user
June 26, 2021 02:35AM
Am looking for methods to retrieve information about trackables acted upon by a user for some trackable-specific challenges. Would want to retrieve info on trackables: grabbed (tb name/number, type, date), dropped (tb name/number, type date), discovered (tb name/number, type, date). Types would be { "bug", "coin" }; date should be ISO with zone given. The detailed checker would use this to determine an A~Z inclusion (first letter) and the dates to confirm the user has grabbed (or released) and dropped the trackable, so it is not in their possession when the query is run. Multiple grabs/drops would choose only the most recent one (or all depending on a tag?).

Other than overall counts, I don't see any methods for getting detailed trackable information.

Donn (ADmuk)
Re: Checker for trackables by user
June 26, 2021 07:47AM
Trackables are no longer allowed as challenge conditions under guideline 10:
Not acceptable
Trackable, Benchmarking, Waymarking logs, or specifying Lab Cache finds.

As such, I doubt there would be any motivation for the checker system to be expanded, if any of the additional information you want is even available through the Groundspeak API.
Re: Checker for trackables by user
June 27, 2021 06:55AM
I read the guidelines and somehow skipped that first entry! Oh, well.

Am hoping groundspeak will reconsider sometime in the future. There's a lot of fun in tracking trackables..

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