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[Awaiting feedback] Re: GC9G6FC - A Geocachers Dozen - Challenge
August 01, 2022 12:13AM
This geochecker, which was written by D'Acorn requires a bit of tweaking before it will be published.

I have been requested by the reviewer that the challenge checker output has to be clearer before they will allow it.

Here is what the reviewer stated:
The checker does not easily provide info that can help a geocacher work towards completion.

For example, when I run it for my player account, I don't see any mention of Adventure Labs, Wherigos, Multi-caches, puzzles/mysteries, letterboxes, or virtual. I see that it's says I don't have any month with fewer than 10 days to meet the requirements, but that doesn't help me meet those requirements. I think it should show every result regardless of whether there's fewer than 10 days remaining in a month for that requirement or not.

The checker doesn't use each requirement once. It's currently showing me that I can use Traditional Cache for every month of the year - in spite of it being only allowed once for the challenge. What if I want to use something for one month, but the checker is using it for a different month?

Rating: 1.x, 2.x, 3.x, 4.x, 5.0 (Matching Difficulty or Terrain values but not combined)
What does this mean?? The checker shows D/T1.x (Difficulty and Terrain) for my player account for March - that looks like it's combined doesn't it? Does it include 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, 4.5 D & T ratings? It's not clear whether or not you can use both D2.x and T2.x in different months.

When checking your progress, it shows this:

You qualify!
Jan: Small
Feb: D/T4.x
Mar: Other
Apr: Lab Cache
May: Multi-cache
Jun: D/T2.x
Jul: Regular
Aug: D/T3.x
Sep: Unknown Cache
Oct: D/T1.x
Nov: Micro
Dec: Traditional Cache

How is anyone to know whether February, June, August or October is using the D or T rating? Or if it's combining them?

Basically, the requirements need to be rewritten to be crystal clear.
And I think the checker should document what a geocacher needs to do to meet the challenge.

I know that creating output for all the possible ways that one can work on qualifying for the challenge could run into processing time restrictions. If we cannot output all the modes not completed for each month, then perhaps we could open the window from within 10 days to perhaps 15 or 20 days, and/or ensure that each mode of qualification is listed at least once where one does or does not qualify.

Can we state when qualifications for the D/T that it is a D or T type qualification. ie for me the February month is a D4.x qualification.
Re: GC9G6FC - A Geocachers Dozen - Challenge
August 04, 2022 08:45AM
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