[Cancelled] GC9ZWM8 Change tag values
September 17, 2022 03:36PM

My first trial to generate a challenge cache.
I "generated" something with "Clone tag...", but my intension was to change the values to:
"days": 1400,
"limit": 1,

Obviously I can't do it by myself, therefore I'ld like to ask for help.

Is there any additional data required?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Re: GC9ZWM8 Change tag values
September 17, 2022 04:07PM
No, if you clone a tag, you cannot change it. It says so, very clearly, when you click the Clone button:

Create an identical tag for your own challenge. The only thing you need to provide is a new GC Code, the rest will be copied from the current tag.

The new tag will be identical to the old one with the exception of the linked challenge. You can not edit the tag afterwards. If you need a customized tag you should request one in the Checker request forum.

Do not lose the link after the new tag has been created, you can not retrieve it from the system again. Even worse, you can not make another clone since there already is a tag created for the GC-Code.

Unfortunately, we cannot edit it either. That challenge checker is there forever. The best course of action is to archive that listing (ie. throw away that GC#), create a new listing, and then request a checker for that new listing through this forum.

Either way, note that this Challenge is not publishable.

Challenge Cache Guidelines - Section 14: Positive Challenge Criteria

Competition rather than achievement. Examples: challenges based on "First to Finds" or lonely caches are competitions.

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Re: GC9ZWM8 Change tag values
September 17, 2022 07:26PM
Thanky you Hügh for your prompt reaction.

Regarding the Positive Challenge Criteria - I was looking for something like GC9502Q.
It works with the same script.
Is my request different to this one?
Re: GC9ZWM8 Change tag values
September 17, 2022 09:22PM
I believe that in the guideline "lonely caches" was included in januari 2022
GC9502Q.was published in december 2021 and is therefor a legacy cache
Re: GC9ZWM8 Change tag values
September 17, 2022 09:58PM
Either way:

Geocaching Guidelines
Please be advised that there is no precedent for placing geocaches.
Re: GC9ZWM8 Change tag values
September 18, 2022 08:30AM
Thank you for the clarification.

Possibly a change history for the guidelines would be helpful.
Re: GC9ZWM8 Change tag values
September 18, 2022 04:19PM
HQ used to list the dates each guideline was added, but they don’t do this anymore.
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