[Resolved] Checker needed for GCY1YP

[Resolved] Checker needed for GCY1YP
October 05, 2019 01:40PM
Please create a checker for GCY1YP. This is a simple latitude/longitude question, but is hard to determine without a checker.
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Re: Checker needed for GCY1YP
October 05, 2019 02:03PM
Well, it's not a simple Let/Lon question.


3. The posted coordinates are what determine which sector a cache is counted in. This is especially important for Multis and Mysteries. The location of the stages or the final do not matter. (Do not use caches where the final is more than 2 miles from or in a different sector than the posted coordinates.)

4. Your six caches must each be at least 9.875 miles apart from each other. In other words you can’t claim both Lone Wolf Cache at N 42 30.111 W 071 00.103 and Wolf Pits at N 42° 30.163 W 070° 59.952.

5. Placement of a cache in a sector counts the same as finding a cache in that sector.


Exception Notes:
The 69th longitude line does run through the eastern edge of the cape and Nantucket. Currently there are about 10 caches that fall east of that line. For the sake of this adventure, those will be counted in the 70th sector.

Creating a checker that respects these additional restrictions would most certainly require a new script. Given that challenges on Lat/Lon are no longer acceptable that would give that script a very limited use, so I wouldn't hold my breath that anyone bothers creating one, especially since the cache has an NA log and a reviewer note already w/o a respone from the owner.
Re: Checker needed for GCY1YP
May 20, 2021 11:39PM
This checker checks that the separation is met. It does not search but the most recent finders do not need the search.
Re: Checker needed for GCY1YP
May 24, 2021 02:35PM
Checker now searches to get the required separation.
Re: Checker needed for GCY1YP
September 16, 2021 09:01PM
Thank you for your help.
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