[Resolved] Checker Update Needed

[Resolved] Checker Update Needed
July 30, 2020 03:19PM
Hello, I need an update to the challenge checker for the Historic Cache Challenge of Menominee County (GC7QRA6) as two of the historic caches have been archived. The previous checker page is here

The updated checker should require five cache finds in Menominee County Michigan that were placed on or before 10/31/2015.

Please let me know what additional information is necessary as I am not sure what else would be needed to get this request fulfilled. Thanks!
Re: Checker Update Needed
July 30, 2020 04:00PM
It is not necessary to adjust the checker , it automatic showing the latest actice list

# gccode Visitdate Name
1 GC594E 2002-05-18 Cedar River Cache
2 GCG3YT 2003-05-14 Forest Brook Bridge
3 GCGEJ7 2003-07-11 Pemene Falls
4 GCP7DK 2005-06-05 Cast Away
5 GCJRXZ 2005-06-19 Twin Pines Cache
6 GCR389 2005-10-21 down by the river
7 GCR61F 2005-10-31 A different roadside park
Re: Checker Update Needed
July 30, 2020 05:19PM
Thank you, I was unaware it would automatically update. I appreciate the timely response and apologize for my lack of understanding.
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