[Awaiting feedback] Spell checker for GC3T9G4
November 29, 2020 05:09PM
Hopefully it's not too difficult to create this special checker:

In general: Spell "HESSEN" with the first sign of a cache name; except Tradis

1. spell with one type, eg. Mystery
2. spell with a second type, eg. Multi
3. spell with a third type, eg. Wherigo

4. spell without cache types used in 1. to 3. and use different types for each letter
Example: NO Mysteries, NO Multis, NO Whereigo, NO Tradis
H - Event
E - Mega event
S - Webcam
S - Earthcache
E - Letterbox
N - Virtual

That would make the evaluation easier.
Many thanks
Re: Spell checker for GC3T9G4
June 30, 2021 05:56PM
Please try this one.


I appear to pass with lab caches as one of my special caches.

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