Re: GC8ZGTK - 2^8 D/T grid checker fix request

[Awaiting feedback] GC8ZGTK - 2^8 D/T grid checker fix request
December 10, 2020 09:02AM
Hi there, as requested, I'm separating all the outstanding checker requests from my previous topic. I'll try to consolidate all the pertinent details from the previous topic the best I can. This is the original topic -,44057,46649#msg-46649)

Here's the details for the challenge for GC8ZGTK
256 D1.0 caches (2^8)
128 D1.5 (2^7)
64 D2.0
etc, all the way down to
1 D5.0 (2^0)
and then the same for the terrain totals (ie, 256 T1.0, 128 T1.5, etc, all the way to 1 T5.0). The Fizzy doesn't have to be full so I don't think I can call this a Fizzy challenge, though I may create another challenge once I finish my Fizzy. All that matters for this challenge is the totals across the bottom (terrain) and sides (difficulty) which have to add up to the right numbers.

sumbloke wrote this checker:

And here's the consolidated feedback I gave:
Is there any way to turn the output into a grid, kinda like a Fizzy grid (eg, with just the totals across the bottom and on the right side (I don't really care about the actual numbers inside but you can leave them in if you want) and then red or green colours for the totals or maybe green check marks or red x's if they don't meet the criteria? The number needed for each D and T level should be listed somewhere as well (the 256, 128, etc).

The closest example I could find of a challenge with a drawn Fizzy grid with some calculations involved is this one - Could it be modified for this challenge?

If not, could the Fizzy grid be displayed at the top of my output at least? Maybe like the output from

As with my other challenges, do you think it would be worthwhile excluding the cacher's own caches from this challenge? Or caches that were logged multiple times (ie. they can only be used once for this challenge)? I'm just wondering. I live in an area that had a couple of local travelling caches and virtuals that people logged multiple times.

I was just reviewing the stats for one of our local travelling caches and 100+ people have logged it at least 50+ times before it was archived, the top cacher having found it over 700 times! So it would be appreciated, if it is possible to add that to the code, as well as the exclude your own caches criteria. If it's not possible, I understand. Please let me know.

In case it affects how you write the code for this checker, my long term goal here, eventually, is to include the criteria of it being a full fizzy as well (once I complete it). And I'm also hoping eventually I can build on the numbers and have future challenges based on 2^9 (512, 256, 128,..., 2), 2^10 (1024, 512, ..., 4) totals someday too.

sumbloke replies:
I'm not aware of any script which can do the calculations you requested and output a grid, sorry.

As far as the other requests go, I doubt it would make a huge difference for this challenge since the cachers who would qualify would need so many others that logging their own caches or logging multiple times is likely to be just a blip in the stats. That being said, I can look into including some additional code in the script to handle this (but it won't be very quick - I'll want to thoroughly test the code, since this script is widely used and I don't want to break any checkers).

I think that covers everything; I'm just waiting for an update. I've provided examples of challenges that I found which do calculations and output a grid in my comments above. And I'm not sure if the additional code has been added.

Thank you. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Re: GC8ZGTK - 2^8 D/T grid checker fix request
December 10, 2020 06:55PM
I will place this as a new script required to get the matrix printout

But at the moment the only script available is the checker from sumbloke
Re: GC8ZGTK - 2^8 D/T grid checker fix request
December 10, 2020 10:04PM
I've tried to make a new script with a grid:

Please say if this is along the right lines, and if you want anything else to be added to the output. After that, I can look at removing owned caches and travelling caches etc, and I can try to update in the next few days.
Re: GC8ZGTK - 2^8 D/T grid checker fix request
December 11, 2020 01:01AM
You're definitely on the right track; it looks great. Thanks. :-)

Is there any way to flip the X and Y axes though so that the D ratings runs down the left and the T's are across the top? That way it matches the output from the geocaching stats webpage. The only other cosmetic thing is I would like (only if it's possible) is to bold and/or make the total counts in a larger font so they are more visible. That's a lower priority than the D/T flip though. I see that if they don't qualify for the challenge, the "failed" numbers appears in red and a summary appears telling them how many they're missing. That's great. Thanks.

I tested it on a few other people. A couple of them triggered this error though.

Error Caught exception
Execution time (s) 0.0040
Peak memory usage (kB) 254
Error message Caught exception
Execution status
Error log
[string ""]:51: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)
Script output
Got profile name, (cacher name hidden by me)

The only thing that I can see in common with the two errors is they have fairly low find counts.

Again thanks for the quick turnaround on the new script and the grid. It feels like progress is finally being made again. :-)
Re: GC8ZGTK - 2^8 D/T grid checker fix request
December 11, 2020 01:26PM
Okay, I have changed it so the D and T are the right way round (I had mistakenly put them wrong initially!) and changes the bold formatting. Have also corrected the error you reported, I think.
I believe that I have also ignored finds that the finder owns, although if you could give me a cacher that would be affected, it would be easier to test. I could try and add the multiple finds filter, although again it would be helpful to provide a cacher that would be affected by it.
I've also generalised the script so it will be easier to tag the subsequent 2^9 and 2^10 challenges if and when you place them :)
Re: GC8ZGTK - 2^8 D/T grid checker fix request
December 16, 2020 10:38PM
Thank you for fixing the D and T and it appears the error is fixed as well (so far). Formatting looks good now. Unfortunately, I maxxed out my challenge checks for the day so I'll have to wait to test some more.

In terms of cachers with multiple finds of the same cache, you can use me as an example. I've found at least 2 different caches multiple times; if you need GCcodes or more details, please let me know. As for cachers who have found their own caches, I can think of a couple of examples (other than me for my own events). I know that logging your own caches was somewhat controversial so to protect their privacy, is there any way for me to PM you their caching names? Maybe through messaging on site, perhaps?

Thank you.
Re: GC8ZGTK - 2^8 D/T grid checker fix request
December 17, 2020 11:15AM
Okay, the script now ignores all owned caches found, just a note that this does include both events that you own, and adopted caches that you found prior to the adoption too.
I’ll have a look at duplicate finds later today.
Re: GC8ZGTK - 2^8 D/T grid checker fix request
December 17, 2020 08:43PM
The script now counts each duplicate cache find once.
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