Re: New checker request

[Resolved] New checker request
December 26, 2020 02:59PM
I plan a new challenge (GC949N5) with the condition:
50 multis with attribute ">10km".


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Re: New checker request
December 26, 2020 04:06PM
Here is your checker:
Please say if it is what you require.
Re: New checker request
December 28, 2020 11:19AM
Thank you! It works and it looks as I planned.
Re: New checker request
December 27, 2020 06:07PM
Yes, that looks perfect! Thank you very much.

How can I integrate the cache name "Challenge: Konditionswunder"?
Ans how can I integrate the link with the project gc symbol into my listing?
Re: New checker request
December 27, 2020 06:29PM
Project-GC doesn't have access to unpublished caches hence the "?" you see there now. As soon as your challenge cache is published (or within a reasonable time thereafter), your cache name (and country where it resides) will be shown there

To place the checker on your listing you can use the following
1. Open the link as provided
2. Click on in the "link" button on the right
3. Copy the code for the third option and paste it into your cache description
(You might need to first click on the green button above the description to put it in the right mode.)
4. Save & preview and submit for publication once you're happy with it.

If you don't see the usual challenge check icon you might need to click the Source button above the cache description box before you paste the code.
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