Re: Checker request for GC1W9ZA

[Resolved] Checker request for GC1W9ZA
August 21, 2021 08:48AM
Grandfathered Baker's Dozen challenge for Iowa -

1 - On X different days, find X different caches, where X = 1 to 13.
2 - At least once cache each day must A) be a puzzle or multi cache, AND B) be in the state of Iowa.
3 - Virtuals, Events/CITO's, WhereIGo, Letterboxes and Earth caches are not allowed to be used for this challenge
4 - Only caches found AFTER August 1, 2009 are allowed.

Thanks! I don't think this kind of challenge would be allowed for publishing any longer.
Re: Checker request for GC1W9ZA
September 03, 2021 07:26PM
Here is a checker:
Please say if it is good for you.
Re: Checker request for GC1W9ZA
September 05, 2021 05:38AM
Awesome, thank you!!
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