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[Resolved] GC2T013
September 06, 2021 01:22AM
GC2T013 Copy & Paste from description:
The Challenge:
1. All requirements must be met on or after the date this cache was published. You cannot count any 20/20 days you had prior to 04/13/2011.

2. You must do enough caches in one calendar day to add up to 20 or more stars on the difficulty and 20 or more stars on the terrain.

Example: You could do twenty 1/1 caches = 20/20 or you could do one 5/4 cache, one 4/5 cache, two 2.5/2.5 caches, two 2/2 caches, and two 1/1 caches = 20/20. Any combination will do just as long as it adds up to 20/20 or over.

3. Since all requirements must be met before looking for the 20/20 Challenge Cache, the stars on the 20/20 Challenge Cache can not be used to meet the requirements.

4. You do not have to do the 20/20 Challenge Cache in the same day as you meet the requirements. Just put the date you met the requirements in your log for this cache.

Thank you!
Re: GC2T013
September 06, 2021 05:23PM
Sorry, grandfathered... This is still published

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Re: GC2T013
September 06, 2021 05:36PM
Can the checker not be made?
Re: GC2T013
September 06, 2021 06:00PM
Yes, a checker can made, but the challenge conditions do not lend themselves to a simple tag, so I believe a new script would be required. This is likely to be low on most script-writers' priorities since, given the current guidelines, the script would have limited usefulness.
Re: GC2T013
September 06, 2021 06:33PM
Ok thanks
Re: GC2T013
September 12, 2021 02:50PM
Here is a checker:
Please say if it is good for you.
Re: GC2T013
September 12, 2021 03:14PM
Works great!! Thanks!!
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