[Resolved] GC9GD1K

[Resolved] GC9GD1K
November 11, 2021 12:04AM
Could I get a checker for the following?

GC9GD1K A Dozen: D/Ts by County Find a unique D/T combo in a pyramid pattern 12 of one D/T combo in one county, 11 of a different D/T in another county, etc down to one D/T in one county. (I hope that makes sense.)

GC9J9BF A Dozen: D/Ts by County Find a unique D/T combo in a pyramid pattern of 12 counties, 11 counties, etc. down to 1 county. Example: 1.5/1.5 in 12 counties, 1.5/2 in 11 counties, etc.

GC9J9BH Find a cache in all Utah counties that border Idaho which are Box Elder, Cache, and Rich

Thanks to you!!!!
November 12, 2021 11:38AM
I mark this topic as a new script required because I can not find a solution for GC9GD1K and GC9J9BF
A scriptwriter needs to make a script extension

GC9J9BH Find a cache in all Utah counties that border Idaho which are Box Elder, Cache, and Rich
the link is

Please test
November 12, 2021 05:13PM
That one works great. Thanks!
January 23, 2022 04:55PM
work for GC9GD1K?
I also believe the other needs a new script though.
February 05, 2022 05:34AM
I like what you've done. It's not what I was thinking, but I can see how it came across that way.

What I was hoping was more of
(Making up these stats)

Millard 12 caches with 2/3
Summit 11 caches with 1/1
Wasatch 10 caches with 1/3


Does that make sense?
But I'd love to use this one as well. Should I create a new page for the idea you sent or create a new page for the one I was originally asking for?
February 06, 2022 09:30PM
I'm afraid that would indeed need a new script then - i may be able to make it but I'm quite busy at the moment.

its up to you whether you want the gc-code you already gave to go with the checker I gave or the original request :)
February 11, 2022 12:23AM
OK. That sounds great. I'd love a script written, but I'm not in a hurry. I still have a lot of work to do before publishing my very long challenge road. If I get to a point where I'm getting close to publishing and you haven't had time to work on it, I'll not include it. Or add it later.

Thanks for your time. I REALLY appreciate the service rendered!

November 11, 2022 03:32AM
Alrighty - you've been waiting a really long time! Hopefully you can still use these:

I did this by making a slight modification to the SameX DifferentY script, which now allows for a 'Countdown' parameter, which reduces the required number by that much each time. Please test, verify and respond.
November 12, 2022 04:42AM
THANK YOU so much! I really appreciate the time you put into these scripts.
GC9GD1K is still a bit different than I had planned, but it works great and I'll use it as it is! My original idea was for 1 D/T combo found 12 times in one county. Then a different D/T combo found 11 times in a different county, etc. I don't even know if we would qualify for it, but we qualify they way you have it written and I like it, so no need to adjust.

The other script is just as I had imagined.

I am seriously so grateful for your time in putting this together. YAY!!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Kim aka jokeerus
November 12, 2022 05:00AM
Hrmm ... Yes, as I keep finding out reading is not my strong suit. But, I'm glad that you'll be able to use it anyhow.

I think that the 12 DTS in one county countdown, would require a bit more work, and perhaps a completely new script, as it's more of a Same X *and* Y, different Z sort of arrangement. The current script only does Same X different Y checks.
November 12, 2022 05:07AM
Well, I'm glad you read it the way you did. It was easier for you and worked out great for me.

Thanks again!
Have a good one!

May 09, 2023 06:54AM
Turns out that the checker for GC9GD1K has a confusing outcome for some names.

I get both positive and negative outcomes, but then sometimes it says "Error Caught Exception"
cold1 and utahsnowflake are two of the names that have that result.

What does that mean?

I'm now running into the same problem with GC9J9BF. Besides my own name, the only other I can get to pass is drgw3128. utahsnowflake, jacobbarlow, and others result in the error message.


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May 09, 2023 09:37AM
bmuzzin is asked to look at the problem
May 09, 2023 03:50PM
So, it looks like the database is returning county=nil for several caches, which the script did not expect. I would imagine that the original SameX/DifferentY script that this one was extended from would have the same issue. However, every tag I see on the original script always filters for a specific country/region (for example, it filters out only USA caches), so that's probably why it never encountered this problem. This tag doesn't do that, it considers all finds everywhere (because it wasn't requested to be limited to the USA).

Anyhow, in this script, those caches are now effectively ignored. If you run the script and look at the debug output, it will tell you which ones are the problem caches. For both cold1 and utahsnowflake, there's about 10, all seem to be in 'exotic' locations such as Japan or the Cayman Islands. I've checked both of them for both challenges, and they pass now.
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