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[Resolved] Checker request - GC9JH93
November 20, 2021 06:33AM
Hi again,

Could I please have a checker built that verifies if a cacher has found a minimum of 5 of every attribute (positive and negative) except for the "Needs Maintenance," "Lost and Found," and "Partnership" ones? As far as I know, there are the only 3 "gotcha" attributes (ie. ones with extra "baggage"). If there are any others I should be aware of/avoid, please let me know. Otherwise, I believe there are 70 positive, 41 negative = 111 attributes total minus the 3 exceptions = 108 individual attributes required for this challenge. Hopefully that is accurate as well.

Re: Checker request - GC9JH93
November 20, 2021 11:59AM
Here is the link

Please test and reply
Re: Checker request - GC9JH93
November 22, 2021 03:14AM
Tested and checker works perfectly. Output looks great too. Is there any way for the output to show which attributes a cacher is missing if they fail the challenge though?

Also, is there a definitive list of attributes out there? I was doing some more research and it appears to be some discrepancies out there. eg. GSAK has a couple of other attributes that Project-GC doesn't have, and has at least one extra too. So are the ones that Project-GC uses in their stats (the 70 positive and 41 negative) the "official" list to use for challenges or are there others I should include in this challenge?

Re: Checker request - GC9JH93
November 22, 2021 01:59PM
Hi, i have changed the tag so it shows all attributes now. I hope this suits your needs. I am aware there are extra negative attributes showing that don’t actually exist (e.g NOT Geotour). I’m not quite sure why the call used includes them, but I have been meaning to manually remove them, this basically serves as a reminder so will do in a few days :)

I believe the only other discrepancy in attributes is the old attribute 16 ‘cactus’, which doesn’t exist any more, except on a few archived or old caches.
Re: Checker request - GC9JH93
November 22, 2021 02:07PM
Project-GC has all the attributes that exist in's data with ONE exception. There has been a "Cactus" attribute that I believe only one geocache in the world has, that attribute is not used by Project-GC. Then there is at least one more coming attribute that I am aware of, that doesn't exist yet, it was hinted at in one of the latest newsletters from HQ.

In total PGC has 70 (positive) attributes right now. Then there is the Cactus, and the not yet published one.

Regarding the negative ones I am less certain. I remember there are some discrepancies in the API data. I don't remember the exact issue though, but when I asked HQ they just said "it's supposed to be like that". If I remember correctly the API says that some attributes can be negative, but they don't exist as negative, and can't be chosen as negative on the web. If that's the case (if I remember correctly), then PGC has chosen to not display those as possibly negative ones.
Re: Checker request - GC9JH93
November 23, 2021 06:08AM
Thanks for adjusting the checker output and both of the very informative replies. Checker works as designed and output looks great, assuming all the nonexistent negative attributes get removed. I fear it may be confusing to some people if they are not removed; I can see someone out there trying to find those attributes otherwise. :-b

Please let me know when they are removed and I'll retest again.

Re: Checker request - GC9JH93
November 23, 2021 01:14PM
Done now :)
Re: Checker request - GC9JH93
November 24, 2021 04:26AM
Thank you for doing that so quickly. :-) I've tested and verified everything is good. In fact, the checker has been added to the cache and the cache was just published. Talk about a super fast turnaround by the reviewer today.

Thanks for all your help and all the information about attributes.

I'm stumped about which potentially upcoming attribute vogelbird is referring to so I'll just wait and see what happens. :-) But that does bring a good question though. If/when that new attribute is released (or any other attribute change), will this checker automatically start including it or is this checker "locked" to the current 108 attributes listed? If it's the former, that triggers a bunch of other questions but I'll wait to hear your answer first before I ask anything else.

Thanks again.
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