Query on Cache in Exception list

June 05, 2019 12:41PM
Created this forum after reading this Facebook thread:

(this post is more of a test actually, but also gives some attention to the forum)
Query on Cache in Exception list
June 05, 2019 04:53PM
I posted the above on FB on the PGC page - as not everyone will be on FB - I'll repeat it here
I welcome the possibility of having a dedicated forum to discuss those challenge caches that appear in the exception list that have not had a conclusive vote (i.e. - not been voted conclusively as 'yes' a challenge or 'no' not a challenge)
I appreciate that many who will read this will not have access to the exception list - but I feel that with these ambiguous caches as the moderators have not come to an agreement - some sensible discussion in the wider forum (here) could enable those moderators to reconsider their vote - it may not but that is the idea

OK - so onto my post - I have italicised it to show this was what was put in its entirety on FB (I have added a couple of words for clarity)

I saw another post (On Facebook) regarding challenge caches and would like feedback on what should be considered as challenges.
The reason I ask is, the baseline for caches to end up on the exception list (where they get voted on as to whether they are challenge caches or not) they are unknown/mystery and have the word challenge in the title - then the content is reviewed and moderators vote.
A little group of caches such as the following (the others all in the same vein) GC7WDPH - all require you to have found a coloured Jeep TB.
Now .... this cache was post moratorium and so should have had a checker - it didn't and would not have as it does not comply with guidelines - however it and others got mistakenly published but since archived when the reviewer realised the error.
So.... these all got voted on
I downvoted as I feel as it should not have been accepted as a challenge, and so should not appear in lists as a challenge cache.
Others have stated - "but the content (criteria) constitutes a challenge so it must be one" .
In upvoting this means that this and others appear on the challenge cache list in the challenge tab (on PGC) for cachers that have found these. As this should not have been allowed in the first place I would argue this should not be upvoted - to my surprise I was very outvoted for these


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