October 15, 2019 11:45AM
GC8A9B0 has recently been added
It is noted this has been given an upvote - this is a puzzle not a challenge
if you know the background you may be aware of the reason for creating this cache
The one being refered to - GC89ZW4 - was a challenge cache that originally required you to spell your name with cache titles (see early logs) - this could not be done under new rules and so the CO/reviewer was advised - it got archived
However rather than create a new challenge the CO decided to change the criteria completely (now 50 virtuals found) and requested the old cache be reinstated with the new criteria - for some odd reason the reviewer obliged ???
It was pointed out that once a challenge cache has been created you are not really supposed to change the criteria and certainly not completely which in essence was what had been done
CO decided to archive completely and has created the unchallenging cache - GC8A9B0 - instead. But it is s simple puzzle with no challenge involved
So not sure why this was given an upvote
Re: GC8A9B0
October 15, 2019 12:58PM
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