Danish Geo-poker Serie

Danish Geo-poker Serie
October 23, 2019 09:42PM
In the Q&A we received the following report
Your question on Project-GC Q&A has been answered by Funky_Boris:

All the caches in my series "Geo-poker" are essentially puzzle-caches: [url][/url]

Your question was: Challenge Caches which are not really challenges but puzzle or bonus caches

But are they really puzzle or challenge caches
"GC5JGN7 - Geo-poker - Bonus" on the list is clear this is no challenge

I cannot read the tekst but looking at the finds, cachers having to look at their finds to see if they form combinations
In fact it is a bit like the GCcode challenges but here the code are no fixed combination.

At the moment I placed them on a down vote but I feel inclined to upvote

Please have a look
Re: Danish Geo-poker Serie
October 25, 2019 03:52PM
I have read the translations and in understanding the 'challenge' it would fit in the definition of a challenge - though they would not be allowed today as you have to search GC codes, this set are pre-moratorium
I thus upvoted all except the bonus which is simply a ...bonus
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