April 04, 2020 03:57PM
Interesting one this one - and already seems split decisions

I spotted it and intially thought it was a puzzle cache - all the pictures of airports and planes etc

However there are requirements as for a challenge cache - namely
a) You must have logged at least 5 different airport caches in 5 different airports

The picture puzzle bit is just to give you co-ords for this challenge cache - as a pre 2015 challenge cache you were allowed to create a puzzle aspect to get the co-ords (not so post 2016)

So this is my argument for this being a challenge cache as there is criteria to be met

April 04, 2020 04:13PM
Yet the bottom portion in the listing is clearly a normal puzzle and even has a checker for that and I've never encountered a challenge cache with a puzzle component, hence I voted no.
April 04, 2020 04:30PM
While many challenges have to now be at posted co-ords
Quite a few older ones did have the puzzle element as it wasnt a requirement to be at posted co-ords
I have done several where there was a puzzle element as well as the challenge criteria - but that does not mean they are not challenge caches
This one cleary has a challenge element as well as challenge in the title is another example
April 05, 2020 11:21AM
There are a lot of early challenges with a two part section

The first part is a challenge and the second part is a puzzle element.
The majority of those caches are categorized as a challenge cache.

For this reason for me it is a challenge cache
April 05, 2020 11:46AM
Okay, wasn't aware of these type of challenges. Vote updated.
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