May 20, 2020 01:24PM
Another one added to the exception list - why ??

The word Challenge is NOT in the title - there are no requirements as per a challenge - it is obviously a puzzle - so why does it have to be voted on ?

Is there a way of finding out who posts these on to the exception list and someone explain the criteria and the rationale that is used to get these on that list ?
May 21, 2020 02:09AM
This one was on the challenge list because the word defi is in the title
May 21, 2020 10:20AM
Stretching it a bit - the title is Le Defile - translated as The Parade
May 21, 2020 11:17AM
The system is not foul prove and sometimes a word is picked up as a challenge i.e the french word for challenge is "défi"

By the way I was not the one who placed this one on the exception list
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