Re: GC8NCYE - A Definition of Madness?

GC8NCYE - A Definition of Madness?
July 09, 2020 12:49PM
Placed on the exception list - Why ?

I was under the impression that only caches where there was a dispute over whether it is a challenge cache or not due to 1) having the word challenge in its name (or similar like defi) - or
2) not having the word challenge but there are criteria to qualify for in the description

This has neither - it is very obviously a puzzle

It would seem most of the older caches where 2) would be applicable have now been identified and so it is the newer caches which we would now be moderating on, but surely only those that fit the two above issues
Can the 'team' of cachers who are putting these on (not just the moderators) be given some guidelines

Another new one 'Justin Timberlake challenge #1' ( GC8NDVA ) fits 1 as the word challenge is in the title but this is just a jigsaw puzzle cache - just the sort that is to be voted on
Re: GC8NCYE - A Definition of Madness?
July 09, 2020 12:54PM
I suspect that's done automatically by Project-GC. Definition contains the word "défi" which appears to be French for challenge.
Re: GC8NCYE - A Definition of Madness?
July 09, 2020 01:26PM
Ah - just spotted that - didn't realise PGC did an automatic search too - that possibly explains several strange additions - I will be quiet now LOL
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