Re: GC42GD6 - This Challenge Sucks!

GC42GD6 - This Challenge Sucks!
July 31, 2020 12:53PM
This cache has just been put on the exception list (not by me)
OK - I can see that this one is going to cause a divide and I was of two minds as to which way to vote
However I will explain my thoughts and see what others think

1) This has been called a challenge cache - the word 'challenge' is in the title
2) There is criteria relating to a challenge which you have to fulfil to qualify - yes I know, is finding one cache really a challenge !! - but it is still criteria and unlike some that I have downvoted where that one cache INCLUDES the challenge cache itself - this one doesn't so you DO have to find another cache to qualify
3) To many this may look like a puzzle cache as there is a puzzle element to obtaining the co-ords (and the cache is not at the original co-ords) - but as explained in another thread, some older challenges and certainly pre 2015, there were several challenge caches that did have this aspect to it - that is, cache NOT at co-ords - solve this puzzle to get them. However despite having the puzzle element they ARE challenge caches.

So despite not wanting to upvote as I do not feel finding one cache as a challenge - it does tick all the boxes for being a challenge cache - so I did upvote

Re: GC42GD6 - This Challenge Sucks!
July 31, 2020 03:50PM
I placed this on the exception list because the cache is an insult to the real challenges and has nothing to do with a challenge. Secondly most caches, where only one cache is needed without any condition, are down voted
Re: GC42GD6 - This Challenge Sucks!
July 31, 2020 05:51PM
Thank you - if the general concensus around finding one cache is that they are downvoted then I will go along with that as I agree - Challenge, Nah!

However - I now have a conflict

Some time ago I queried challenges that should not have been published (due to reviewer error) as the criteria did not comply with guidelines post 2016 - they got published, the issue is raised and either the reviewer or HQ archive the cache. I have seen many of these now is an example and several similar ones ( this one didn't even have a checker !!)

I would downvote these as they would not have even been published had the reviewer been on the ball, spotted the breach of criteria and advised the CO accordingly - it has often been noted that the 'checker' used in such challenges is a cloned one and not one newly asked of PGC - as even at that stage PGC would have advised that the criteria is against current guidelines and a checker not created as they often do.

My point being that when I raised this as a query some time ago I was advised - "if It says challenge in the title - it has criteria, then it should be classed as a challenge cache"

The example above ticks all those boxes too - OK just one cache to be found but hardly different to GC7WDPH where you only have to move or discover 1 jeep TB - but that got a majority upvote (I downvoted for the reasons given)

If we upvote a cache - does this not then sit on a list of challenge statistics for many cachers - if it should NOT have been published, like GC7WDPH shouldn't we be saying - no, it shouldn't therefore be included in any challenge statistics - but by upvoting it - it will add to their tally

I am not arguing that the above find 1 cache 'challenge' is an insult - I agree with that and would happily downvote for that reason - but are we using our heads or our hearts in both these scenarios - I would say we, as a group of moderators are possibly not being consistent with how we are voting on these borderline instances

It is also unfortunate that only a small handful - 4 or 5 at most, are contributing to these discussions so that these issues can be ironed out

I have too much time on my hands :-)
Can't wait to go travelling again
Re: GC42GD6 - This Challenge Sucks!
July 31, 2020 06:30PM
I downvoted the jeep challenges published after April 2015 as well.
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