Re: GC3DD4E - Challenge of the Century: 100 words

GC3DD4E - Challenge of the Century: 100 words
June 19, 2022 12:27PM
This appeared on the exception list
I believe it'll have divided opinion and so I thought it is one of those for discussion
My thoughts - This 'challenge' though pre-moratorium does not involve any other cache and does not require the finding of any other cache - you just need to write a log (for THIS challenge cache) of more than 100 words - technically you can not qualify for this until AFTER you have logged a found - so you don't qualify prior (OK, you can do a write note and then add a found log after - but to date no one has done that !)
I was always under the impression that a challenge cache required you to fulfil criteria that involved / linked to finding at least one other cache and could not be solely around the challenge cache itself.

Interestingly - reading through the logs it is apparent several 'finders' read this challenge as 'You must have written a log of more than 100 words' and have shown a screenshot from the PGC site where it states 'longest log' - but this is not what this challenge stipulates

I downvoted this due to the fact that the criteria does not require you to find any other caches

Re: GC3DD4E - Challenge of the Century: 100 words
November 01, 2022 04:45AM
I agree with you. It's a non-challenge with ALR.
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