Re: PGC_GetFinds() and owner_name?

PGC_GetFinds() and owner_name?
July 18, 2017 03:25PM
Wasn't there an owner_name field returned by PGC_GetFinds() a short while ago? owner_name would be useful since you then don't have to use PGC_ProfileId2Name() to convert owner_id into owner_name. owner_name can differ from placed_by, which can actually be any random junk. If owner_name can't be returned via PGC_GetFinds(), I'll simply have to do the lookup, which isn't the end of the world, but it would save me some time getting it via PGC_GetFinds().

cache_description is also new to me; I could swear it wasn't there the other day?

Re: PGC_GetFinds() and owner_name?
August 28, 2017 01:49PM
cache_description should be there if the fields array has the element 'cache_description'. It's the same with placed_by, which isn't equal to owner_name.

I can not in the source code see any reference to owner_name, though it would be doable of course. It would add some overhead time since the data is in another database table. But most likely faster than getting the name for all finds. Which is the fastest might depend a bit on the checker script's purpose.
Re: PGC_GetFinds() and owner_name?
August 29, 2017 08:50AM
In some cases I've had to do PGC_ProfileId2Name() for each find (used for filtering), so lots and lots of extra calls. In other cases I only needed to do a few after the fact (used for output). But yes, I know owner_name doesn't necessarily have to be the same as placed_by, which can be anything. If it's easy to do, and it doesn't add a lot of load to the database (or if that join is skipped if the field is not requested), I still think owner_name might be useful on PGC_GetFinds().

Seems my comment on cache_description was more related to PGC_GetHides() where it might be useful. Even though not quite checker related, it might help cache owners who has to relocate and edit all the photobucket links in their cache descriptions, or even a "challenge" to see how screwed the cache owner is. *rotfl*
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