March 28, 2018 04:02PM
The ability to use PGC.Log and then view the output at<token>; is really useful and making debugging much easier.

However I've noticed there is a difference between PGC.print and PGC.Log in how they handle parameters passed in.
print is able to expand arrays, so the statement PGC.print("Returning cache", cache) may give an output of
Returning cache: Array
    [cache_name] => defender of the henge
    [cache_id] => 1117214
    [visitdate] => 2011-01-15
    [elevation] => 98
    [premium] => 0
    [latitude] => 51.190550
    [longitude] => -1.785567
    [gccode] => GC1M9B3

Whilst PGC.Log just gives output of
Returning cache: Array

There also seem to be some matching errors which may be related:
Error 8, lua_callbacks.php:109 Array to string conversion
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