Re: Missing elevation

Missing elevation
March 28, 2018 04:14PM
I've noticed a cache (GC1DHNV) for which the checker system isn't returning any elevation data. It was published back in December 2017 so I'm not sure why it wouldn't have any value?
Re: Missing elevation
March 28, 2018 11:31PM
Is this the correct gccode because it is a traditional Cache
Re: Missing elevation
March 28, 2018 11:34PM
Yeh it's one of someone's find which the checker was failing in because it didn't include any elevation data unlike the rest of the cache results.
Re: Missing elevation
May 17, 2018 01:38PM
A quite late reply, is this still an issue or was it solved? I checked the database and it's at 21 meters.

Theoretically a geocache can disappear from Project-GC's database for various reasons. For example it disappears from, or their API just gives an invalid response that it doesn't exist (it happens). In those cases the geocache will be added again, and will get an elevation of NULL. But that should be corrected within minutes, normally.
Re: Missing elevation
May 23, 2018 10:22PM
Couple of weeks ago I fixed my script to skip caches without elevation data because one cache did not have it and the script crashed with user who has found that cache. In that case the problem was existing probably some days.
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