Number of finds in filter

Number of finds in filter
May 24, 2016 02:29PM
I made an extremely simple script today, and it covers surprisingly many of the challenges on my list to tag.

It takes two input parameters:
minFinds: (int) Number of finds required for an ok.
filter: (array) A filter that is passed straight into GetFinds()

By just passing a config straight into GetFinds() one can very easily create tags for number of finds with specific difficulty, terrain, location, type and so on.

Due to the generic nature, the output isn't too verbose. It pretty much says "You have 123 finds with the given configuration".

Some examples, and spoilers:
3000 finds in Skåne, Sweden
30 D5 in Skåne, Sweden
100 T5 in Skåne, Sweden
50 Large in Skåne, Sweden
30 events in Skåne, Sweden

(no comments needed, I just wanted to announce that there is a new script that is quite simple to tag)

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