Re: Script for Parks Challenge

Script for Parks Challenge
July 07, 2016 03:25AM
I have a question, so before the moratorium, I placed a challenge cache where you have to find a cache in 25 different parks around the county.

Now, I would like to do the exact same challenge for this time, make it for another county. However, the only problem is that the new guidelines require a checker. Would there be a way to either create the boundaries of each park, similar to the DeLorme Challenge Script (but the parks are not polygons), or a script where you create a list (that would be updated whenever a new cache would be published within a park) of all the caches in a particular park?

Does anyone have any advice, should I write a new script for the easier of the two options or is there already a script for something like this?
Re: Script for Parks Challenge
July 07, 2016 05:13AM
The parks would be able to be defined as polygons, so using the GenericPolyChecker script (which is used for most/all DeLorme challenges) is possible.

Your biggest issue in creating a new challenge of this type is the new guidelines. Guideline 10, for example, includes "Challenge cache criteria must come from information broadly available on and must be verifiable through information on". There's no information on about whether or not a cache is in a park. You'll need to run the idea past a reviewer to see if it would be allowed, but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.
Re: Script for Parks Challenge
July 07, 2016 01:06PM
You cant use user defines polygons for cached.
Guidline 10 not allowed

Challenges based on user-defined mapping polygons. (new 2016)
Re: Script for Parks Challenge
July 07, 2016 02:25PM
The park names are listed on the map as well as sometimes on the cache pages.

I will run this idea through a reviewer to see if it would be allowed.
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