Updates on my Generic scripts

Updates on my Generic scripts
December 13, 2018 03:01PM

I finally took some time are implemented several requested changes to couple of my scripts with hundreds of tags. I will continue to document changes in the change logs at the bottom of script descriptions.

Related to scripts:
Generic County checker - link
Generic Region checker - link
Generic Country checker - link

Change log:
2018 - You will get missing area listed in the output, if the challenge requirement is not yet completed.
2018 - Output sorted by Found Date. JPavlik, thank you for help.
2018 - New cache icons used and update of output design.
2018 - Script code cleanup.
2018 - More details about progress on incomplete challenges in the output.


Planned features:
Correct handling of singular and plural in output.
Additional date filters (min, max cache placement date).


Not possible due to Guidelines:
Owned caches to be counted on the top of the finds.

I know there are multiple copies of my scripts, addressing various requested functions - that's fine and I'd like to thank to their authors for extended functionality. Some of the improvements I included into my scripts now.

Please, let me know if you'll encounter any problem or bug.
Thank you.
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