Re: New DT Bingo Script : 3838

New DT Bingo Script : 3838
January 05, 2019 05:52AM
Hi All,

Attempting to get my first script up and running.... it seems to be OK in my testing. The script ID is 3838.

it checks if you have a streak of X days with either all same D with unique T, or same T with unique D, or either.
I have tried to extend it to do unique D & T, but it doesnt complete in time.... likely an issue in my function.... will see

Depending on the config it builds a table with 'D' as first index and 'T' as second (or vice versa). The script then makes sure there is a streak of at least X days, and if so looks through just those last X days to try satisfy the challenge.

Its been a long time since I have used recursion, and I am a lua noobie for sure (lots of C, C++ & C# experience however)

Any constructive criticism is welcome..... please don't just copy the code and rebadge it, I want to make this script as good as it can be!!! This is my very first script and I do have some pride :-)
Re: New DT Bingo Script : 3838
January 05, 2019 07:06PM
I think you shoild read the guidelines first before creating a script

Not acceptable
Specifying any element of a cache page (type, rating, etc.) or find count (above one per day) required during a streak.
Re: New DT Bingo Script : 3838
January 05, 2019 07:18PM
It's for a grandfathered challenge.
Re: New DT Bingo Script : 3838
January 05, 2019 10:06PM
Ok it was not mentioned but now I see

Just a comment on the output

Same D = 4.5
T = 4.5, GC3VF2M on 2015-07-12 placed by twofingersdown
T = 3.5, GC3YRMA on 2015-07-05 placed by mmswift
T = 2.5, GC2PXPX on 2015-07-09 placed by Clubmud1
T = 1.5, GC33M88 on 2015-07-11 placed by StinkyMillers
T = 1.0, GC4R3BX on 2015-07-04 placed by kmans
T = 3.0, GC4HETE on 2015-07-06 placed by room104
T = 2.0, GC2X4KQ on 2015-07-07 placed by AussieCacher
T = 5.0, GC4RJRX on 2015-07-10 placed by TeamHuskers
T = 4.0, GC5TA2F on 2015-07-08 placed by jrs2001

Can this be in sequence of time

and when failed mention this in the output
Re: New DT Bingo Script : 3838
January 05, 2019 11:04PM
Thanks for the feedback, I have now sorted the output by date and provided html Script Output (not just the log like I was doing before).
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