Pre-defined Polysets for GenericPolyChecker

Pre-defined Polysets for GenericPolyChecker
May 26, 2016 12:23PM
Hello -

lillfiluren built a fantastic script called GenericPolyChecker - and for the most part, it uses pre-defined polygon definitions that are stored on your servers. These are specified via the "polyset" tag parameter.

Is there a way I can see a list of what polysets have been defined?

How can I add a new polyset to the list, if what I need hasn't already been defined?

My immediate case is GCTYE6 - a North Carolina DeLorme challenge. There are two editions of the DeLorme atlas, with different polygons, for the state - I've found the polygons for the older edition already existed as a pre-defined polyset ("Delorme_NC"). I'm not sure if the newer edition exists, though, or if I'll need to build it out.

Re: Pre-defined Polysets for GenericPolyChecker
May 26, 2016 12:42PM
The format of the file is the same as the what is inside the "polygons": part of the tags with config in the tag.
The reson for the uploaded polygon is that it is insignificant to have large configs.
Create a json polygon file and contact the pgc support to upload it.
It might be trickey to do it correctly if you cant create tags and test the data

But will you create a new set for the same challenge? There will be problem if another checker is tagged on the same cache with different data. I would ask the CO to specified with map is the one to use

One thing to look at it the datum on the DeLorme map. Is is WGS84 or NAD27 or somthing else? NAD27 is used on USGS maps and haveto be converted and is missed on some polygonsets
Re: Pre-defined Polysets for GenericPolyChecker
October 03, 2016 12:56PM

Is there an example of a polygon file available for comparison?

I created one to have for GC1FAMD and match their existing tool in GSAK. I would like to make sure it is in the same form as needed.

Also how long should the PGC support system take to respond? I put in an e-mail a few days ago and have not heard back.
Re: Pre-defined Polysets for GenericPolyChecker
October 06, 2016 12:04PM
sloth96: Normally 1-2 days, but I forgot about it. I'll fix now.
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