Errors in Attribute Documentation
June 03, 2021 05:22PM
So the passage of time, the introduction of new attributes, and new PGC Api calls, the documentation on attributes,27 seems a bit out of date. A bunch of scripts hardcode this out of data data.

Is it worth adding another post to this thread pointing folks to the GetAttributeList() call?

What other thoughts should be added?
Re: Errors in Attribute Documentation
June 25, 2021 03:28PM
I would agree with this - GetAttributeList is much quicker, easier. I think it is probably worth saying how to deal with negative attributes, as i think both negative and positive of the same attribute appear under the same number.
I do it like this:
local a = PGC.GetAttributeList()
local attr = {}
attr['desc'] = {}
attr['icon'] = {}
for k,v in pairs(a) do
  attr['desc'][k] = v.attributeName
  attr['icon'][k] = v.imageSet
  if (v.imageUnset) then
    attr['desc'][k+96] = "NOT "..v.attributeName
    attr['icon'][k+96] = v.imageUnset
Re: Errors in Attribute Documentation
June 25, 2021 03:33PM
Do we want to think about a solution that works if the number of attrbute expands past 96?

How about negative numbers for negative attributes?
Re: Errors in Attribute Documentation
June 25, 2021 03:38PM
I suppose that would work well long term, but seeing as there are only 72 numbers at the moment (I think) it will probably be a while before this is needed.
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