Re: GetContinentDefinitions()

June 25, 2021 03:16AM
Does anyone use GetContinentDefinitions()?

I am having trouble getting the synax right.

Using x=GetContinentDefinitions() I get [string ""]:19: attempt to call field 'GetContinentDefinitions' (a nil value)

I really want to just get a list of countries to test other functions. My script is here


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Re: GetContinentDefinitions()
April 09, 2022 07:50PM
I don't think it is really implemented / available in LUA. If I enumerate the keys in the PGC object, it isn't there.

JakeDot Wrote:
> The Documentation mentions a method GetContinentDefinitions(), but it seems not to be exposed to LUA?
> Has it been removed or was it planned at some point? The documentation seems a bit jumbled.
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