N caches with NxN different properties

N caches with NxN different properties
August 18, 2021 05:06AM
Hello all.

SeekerSupreme's great macro is great and speedy. However I was trying to use it in a cut and paste fashion from another tag. It included the following in the tag:
 "what":"country_region hidden_year cache_name visitdate"

While this creates a nice pretty print with the cache name and visit date in the output, it also brought problems. The script checked that those were fields were unique as well. On a performance look, some of the cases were timing out.
Switching to the following really sped things up.

 "what":"country_region hidden_year"

It is probably worth an audit of these checkers to make sure we are not checking too many fields and driving up server load and false negatives on the checker. This mostly is a problem for people with a small number of finds. People with large numbers of finds can

All this was found in relation to,54183

Looking at GC5PY17 it seems clear that this macro is really NxNxNxNxNx........

Can someone take a look and double check my assessment before scrubbing 150 checkers?


PS. Apologies for not giving SeekerSupreme correct credit the first time. The post has been edited to fix it.

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Re: N caches with NxN different properties
August 22, 2021 08:54AM
I haven’t looked in depth at it, but what you’re saying seems to make sense. Surely, if visitdate is included, there is the extra check of each find on a different day, which isn’t necessarily part of the cache. Same goes for cache_name although it is more unlikely there are two caches with the same name. So in this way it may give false negatives too?
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