Re: GetAttributeList returns extra attributes?

GetAttributeList returns extra attributes?
August 21, 2021 06:48PM
I was using the call PGC.GetAttributeList() with this section of code:
local a = PGC.GetAttributeList()
local attr = {}
attr['desc'] = {}
attr['icon'] = {}
for k,v in pairs(a) do
  attr['desc'][k] = v.attributeName
  attr['icon'][k] = v.imageSet
  if (v.imageUnset) then
    attr['desc'][k+96] = "NOT "..v.attributeName
    attr['icon'][k+96] = v.imageUnset
However, lots of attributes now seem to return images for when they are unset, and so the output includes them too, even though they are impossible to get (I think). They include:
UV-no.png 'NOT UV light required' caches (0 combos)
snowshoes-no.png 'NOT May require snowshoes' caches (0 combos)
s-tool-no.png 'NOT Special tool required' caches (0 combos)
skiis-no.png 'NOT May require cross country skis' caches (0 combos)
geotour-no.png 'NOT GeoTour' caches (0 combos)
bonuscache-no.png 'NOT Bonus cache' caches (0 combos)
challengecache-no.png 'NOT Challenge cache' caches (0 combos)
powertrail-no.png 'NOT Power trail' caches (0 combos)
wirelessbeacon-no.png 'NOT Wireless beacon' caches (0 combos)

amongst others (ignore the combos part). It seems all positive attributes now have negative attribute images. You can see this if you run this checker with a cacher with high finds:
I don't remember this happening last time I used it, perhaps there has been an update?

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Re: GetAttributeList returns extra attributes?
August 21, 2021 10:03PM
I cannot speak on the history of this. However having all of these preloaded seems like a good idea in the event they are legacy or future proofing. ( I don't think there are legacy.) It seems like easy insurance against a Y2K like problems.

The lack of attribute 16 (Cactus nearby) seems like a bigger issue as there is still an active cache with it and and people have found it.
Re: GetAttributeList returns extra attributes?
August 22, 2021 08:50AM
I suppose that is true, I guess it surprised me as I hadn’t noticed it before.
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