Re: Generic Place Spell Checker

[New] Generic Place Spell Checker
June 03, 2016 12:21AM
Under the new challenge rules, nothing in titles can be used for a challenge. I've developed a checker that uses country, region, county where you have a find as the source for spelling the challenge phrase. I'm not approved to create scripts nor tag until those roles are opened up again. Hopefully soon.

It just occurred to ask if such a script already exists. If not, what tagging support would make mine nicely generic? I currently allow restricting by country, region, county but not DT yet. Cache types can be included/excluded.
Re: Generic Place Spell Checker
June 03, 2016 12:53AM
My Generic alphabet checker can do that
"alphafield": can be any field that is returned by the GetFinds
A dummy tag that spells by county

But that checker is not very good and a new cant hurt.
One thing be observant on it that the native lua function does not support UTF and it is need
Lock at that tag on me and notice that Åtvidaberg Älvsbyn and Östersund is incuded

The checker used special utf8 function written i lua that can be found here
and in my source changed to the pgc special function name

I moved the post to the Script development forum where is should be
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