radius-filter for GetNumCachesInArea

radius-filter for GetNumCachesInArea
March 01, 2017 01:23PM
It is possible to add radius-filter for method GetNumCachesInArea? It's like the radius-filter for GetFinds.

I need it for challenge GC4MTR3. The task is to find all traditional caches within a radius of 5 km. With the new filter it will be possible to get the number of possible finds and compare it with the number of finds by the user in this area.

I hope it will be possible. Thanks!
Re: radius-filter for GetNumCachesInArea
March 03, 2017 05:01PM
Sounds like a fine idea to me. Parallelism in api calls seems a good thing.

I would request that changes made to get oldest that allow country region and county to be arrays of strings as well as strings be added.
Re: radius-filter for GetNumCachesInArea
March 30, 2017 09:49AM
country, region, county has gotten array support in our development environment today (not live yet).
Re: radius-filter for GetNumCachesInArea
March 30, 2017 09:52AM
Due to the complexity we will not do this if the demand isn't much higher. One reason is that no new Challenges requires this.

The other main reason is that all data is now filtered by the SQL database for this callback. Since we don't have a proper distance function written in stored procedure, implementing this would require us to fetch all potential (bounding box?) geocaches in the area into PHP and then filtering them there instead. Something we prefer to avoid.
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