Norway finally updated
July 06, 2018 12:02PM
It took a lot of time to update Norway. The issue is that their polygons have such high resolution (many vertices) that it got quite heavy. Just parsing the GeoJson required a lot of RAM, then our PostGIS server didn't survive with 50 GB of memory.

We then started to simplify some of the data a bit, and finally got it into PostGIS. Then our online tools to review the data didn't work, because Chrome didn't manage to handle the polygons in Leaflet. Each try to import took several hours. Some more simplifying and they now work as they should.

Here are the difference according to our script.

Regions only in Norway:
Regions only in _tmp_Norway:
Counties only in Norway:
Counties only in _tmp_Norway:
  Indre Fosen
Potentially affected scripts (source code matches a region/country that has been added/removed):
  scriptId:726  creator:twoapples  scriptName:Kreis-RD-ECK
  scriptId:1389  creator:twoapples  scriptName:RD ECK V2
  scriptId:2780  creator:arisoft  scriptName:Civil War generals
Potentially affected scripts (config matches a region/country that has been added/removed):
  tagId:3688  creator:arvped  gccode:GC2KCEF
  tagId:10392  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC5MD66
  tagId:17002  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC568Q7
  tagId:18397  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC3A7BC
  tagId:18398  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC3A7MG
  tagId:18399  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC3A7MN
  tagId:24287  creator:sumbloke  gccode:GC6Z949
  tagId:31072  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC7GN09
  tagId:31073  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC7GN0A
  tagId:31365  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC7GN0A
  tagId:3689  creator:arvped  gccode:GC2K5G4
  tagId:5441  creator:twoapples  gccode:?
  tagId:11337  creator:schwandt  gccode:GC1Z7HP
  tagId:13569  creator:SeekerSupreme  gccode:GC5419Z
  tagId:15379  creator:ddBenny  gccode:GC5ER12
  tagId:15979  creator:Aranita  gccode:GC3HRJN
  tagId:16785  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC3BDQG
  tagId:18246  creator:TrulsHE  gccode:GC4K0EB
  tagId:18247  creator:TrulsHE  gccode:GC4K0EB
  tagId:18299  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC5ER12
  tagId:19879  creator:KaiserVonChina  gccode:GC3200Y
  tagId:20803  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC6JN9Z
  tagId:21351  creator:twoapples  gccode:?
  tagId:21353  creator:twoapples  gccode:?
  tagId:21505  creator:Toxic!  gccode:GC4R2KV
  tagId:21729  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC6MJRA
  tagId:21730  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC6W35V
  tagId:21813  creator:whiterussian_ch  gccode:GC6MZPW
  tagId:21893  creator:whiterussian_ch  gccode:GC6NCB0
  tagId:21899  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC6NDCV
  tagId:21986  creator:Turako  gccode:GC6NVWM
  tagId:22369  creator:Ionpaint  gccode:GC6QR0Q
  tagId:22375  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC6QR0Q
  tagId:22658  creator:king-ton  gccode:?
  tagId:22742  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC6T3MH
  tagId:23310  creator:whiterussian_ch  gccode:GC6WG3D
  tagId:24559  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC6ZF37
  tagId:24561  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC6ZF38
  tagId:24566  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC6ZF3D
  tagId:25198  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC71HR7
  tagId:25876  creator:Pudsemand og kone  gccode:GC4JXAM
  tagId:28573  creator:pieterix  gccode:GC7BB33
  tagId:29079  creator:Pudsemand og kone  gccode:GC4JXAM
  tagId:29424  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC7BB33
  tagId:29844  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC7D2EE
  tagId:29847  creator:vogelbird  gccode:GC7D2EE
  tagId:31727  creator:msei  gccode:?
  tagId:32962  creator:msei  gccode:GC7J3XQ
  tagId:33176  creator:msei  gccode:?
  tagId:21283  creator:TravelingGeek  gccode:GC4VK05
  tagId:25018  creator:Turako  gccode:GC6ZF98
  tagId:5918  creator:Draupne  gccode:GC51ZZG
  tagId:5919  creator:Draupne  gccode:GC527GY
  tagId:5920  creator:Draupne  gccode:GC4BZ03
  tagId:21875  creator:Bukkazoom67  gccode:GC6N7BQ

Re: Norway finally updated
July 06, 2018 01:12PM
magma1447 Wrote:
> tagId:28573 creator:pieterix gccode:GC7BB33

False positive.
Re: Norway finally updated
July 09, 2018 05:31AM
magma1447 Wrote:
> tagId:24287 creator:sumbloke gccode:GC6Z949

I've got in touch with the CO asking how to handle this change.
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