Switzerland again
February 27, 2019 11:26AM
Updating polygons for Switzerland again. Primary reason is to remove two counties that probably shouldn't exist. Quite a few tags affected. I assume the scripts affected are false positives matching shorter names (like Font maybe).

Intentionally removed, doesn't seem like they are real counties. Only covering water areas as well:
Hallwilersee (AG)
Bodensee (SG)

Regions only in Switzerland:
Regions only in _tmp_Switzerland:
Counties only in Switzerland:
Aeschi (SO)
Attelwil (19)
Bodensee (SG) (17)
Bremgarten (19)
Golaten (2)
Hallwilersee (AG) (19)
Hinterrhein (18)
Hütten (1)
Nufenen (18)
Oberstammheim (1)
Rebeuvelier (26)
Schönenberg (ZH) (1)
Splügen (18)
Unterstammheim (1)
Vandoeuvres (25)
Vellerat (26)
Waltalingen (1)
Counties only in _tmp_Switzerland:
Rheinwald (18)
Stammheim (1)
Vandœuvres (25)
Potentially affected scripts (source code matches a region/country that has been added/removed):
scriptId:1548 creator:jpavlik scriptName:Spell Circles
scriptId:3150 creator:sloth96 scriptName:23
Potentially affected tags (config matches a region/country that has been added/removed):
tagId:21899 creator:vogelbird gccode:GC6NDCV
tagId:35977 creator:msei gccode:GC6NDCV
tagId:21730 creator:vogelbird gccode:GC6W35V
tagId:35973 creator:msei gccode:GC6W35V
tagId:25980 creator:vogelbird gccode:GC741M4
tagId:8086 creator:Chickilim gccode:GC5K3YF
tagId:9836 creator:Evid3nce gccode:GC5KHDF
tagId:9837 creator:Evid3nce gccode:GC5KHEA
tagId:10230 creator:vogelbird gccode:GC5MH1A
tagId:13327 creator:jpavlik gccode:GC5K0K7
tagId:13962 creator:SeekerSupreme gccode:GC4N37D
tagId:13963 creator:SeekerSupreme gccode:GC4J8DG
tagId:16813 creator:Steph@ne gccode:GC5MH1A
tagId:17138 creator:ShammyLevva gccode:GC47EWY
tagId:17752 creator:vogelbird gccode:GC5MH1A
tagId:19697 creator:BlovstrødBanden gccode:GC44N14
tagId:20191 creator:cldisme gccode:GC4J8CV
tagId:25433 creator:vogelbird gccode:GC724XT
tagId:28996 creator:Stryker gccode:GC7D1JX
tagId:29769 creator:cldisme gccode:GC4VBWA
tagId:31220 creator:cldisme gccode:GC3GEM3
tagId:32302 creator:SergeLB gccode:GC7HTR7
tagId:34674 creator:al1pb gccode:?
tagId:34822 creator:al1pb gccode:?
tagId:37066 creator:jpavlik gccode:GC7X496
tagId:14947 creator:vogelbird gccode:GC4TDF3
tagId:20803 creator:vogelbird gccode:GC6JN9Z
Re: Switzerland again
February 28, 2019 07:07PM
My Checker of Switzerland are updated
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