Re: Finland polygons

Finland polygons
April 27, 2022 02:52PM
Currently in the process of updating polygon data for Finland.

The only relevant change that's happening is that a county gets moved from one region into another. The information we have from a user is that this was supposed have happened in 2016. Project-GC used OSM data from April 2021, but that data was outdated. We are now importing fresh data which seems to be correct.

County [Vaala] moved from region [Kainuu] (id=97285,osmId:-2525700) to region [Pohjois-Pohjanmaa] (id=283919,osmId:-2525700)

Expect about a day for the data to process.

Note to self: 2022042710000016
Re: Finland polygons
April 27, 2022 05:43PM
I know there is at least a checker affected but can't find it.
Can you run a check
Re: Finland polygons
April 27, 2022 05:50PM
Couldn't find anything related to the name Vaala.

Tag 22182 potentially, hard time to read the config in my phone.
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