Bugfix in Pinkunicorn's Generic calendar checker

Bugfix in Pinkunicorn's Generic calendar checker
April 28, 2022 09:55AM
I had a user report an issue with one of my Challenges, which turned out to be a bug in a script. This bug affected a few other tags as well.

The script is Generic calendar checker. The issue was that it automatically includes labs. But the backend labs feature does not support filtering.

The script tried to be smart about this and did not intend to include any labs finds when for example difficulty or a location was required. But due to a grammatical error it did include labs even though terrains was set as a requirement. This resulted in that you could have a date counted as found because you had a labcache, even though it was required to be a certain terrain rating.

The bug has been corrected now. But I see there are 5-10 affected tags, besides my own. Just giving you a heads up in case you get questions about it.
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