Planned API methods

Planned API methods
April 28, 2016 02:25PM
Retrieve last log before the users log
Purpose: For lonely caches.
The details are yet to be determined. Either we just retrieve the log before, which is what most challenges today is about. But what if what a group found it two years after the former finder. Then only one gets the lonely accomplishment.
The alternative is to retrieve all finds from the same date as the finder, and all finds from the date (found) before that. Then the script can handle it from there. We are not yet aware of the performance issues about this though.
We will look into this task in the beginning of June and expect some form of result from it, but we need to make performance measures before we know what we can deliver.

Home coordinates
We could probably expose home coordinates in the case where someone runs a checker on him/her-self. It will however then be impossible for the cache owner to verify the result.

Home country/region
Get statistical home country for user, and in those cases we have calculated it, the region as well. This is in most cases correct, but not always. It's the data used all over Project-GC to determine in what country a geocacher lives in.

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