[Awaiting feedback] remove checker from GC2WFQT ?
November 08, 2019 11:03PM
The geocache GC2WFQT requires you to move 50 Travel Bugs/Geocoins. Apparently, no checker at project GC can do this, but a checker is associated with this cache, and when you run it, this is pretty much all it says. But it also claims that no one qualifies for this cache, which is incorrect. I had been ignoring this cache for a long time because the checker said I did not qualify, but it turned out I did 2 times over. It would probably be better just to have no checker tagged on this cache at all so that we can see that we will have to do our own calculations on this one.
Re: remove checker from GC2WFQT ?
November 09, 2019 11:44AM
First of alll this "THIS CHECKER JUST GENERATES A MESSAGE NOT A RESULT" is shown when you open the checker shown on the map.

The reason for making these tags are serving a few purposes
a. There are CO's who have requested this because they noticed a decline in visits because cachers are ignoring challenges with no checkers. By showing them on the challenge checker map invites cachers to check how far they are of target. In that case they see the message.
b. On the forum we got (weekly) requests for checkers which can not be made. By generating this message cachers are made aware of this problem and we don't receive this request anymore.

In a perfect world there could be a solution to make everybody happy but we are not there yet.
There are
6809 challenge with no tag
33736 active tags of which 590 have a positive or negative message
Re: remove checker from GC2WFQT ?
November 09, 2019 05:03PM
Thank you for your time in explaining. This does seem to be a grey area.

If the intent is that this checker does not give a result, then I think it has failed. If you look in your profile stats, you get a red mark next to this one even if you qualify. Same if you use the project gc script in your browser, viewing the cache page it will tell you you do not qualify.

In my opinion, having it marked as a challenge, but not having a checker is a cleaner solution. You see it's a challenge, but you have to do your own work to see if you qualify. Many other challenges work this way, and it seems clear what is going on.

Knowing that this exists, it seems that I can't trust those little red marks anymore.

Like you said, in a perfect world....
Re: remove checker from GC2WFQT ?
November 09, 2019 05:17PM
The best thing is to introduce an icon that shows it is a message.
I will have another go at PGC-HQ to introduce this. I like to store those caches in a separate file because there could be future possibilities that we can activate a proper checker.
Re: remove checker from GC2WFQT ?
November 09, 2019 06:38PM
Sounds good! Thanks for your work on this.
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