Re: Grid Art

Grid Art
February 08, 2020 12:43PM
I have recently come across this expression relating to challenges and more the fact that HQ have put a halt on challenges where 'grid art' is apparent.

Please can someone explain which guideline this is against ?
I would have thought (for example) finding 17 caches that happen to be the DT values that make the two diagonals completely satisfy
5. Standard for criteria
* Challenge criteria must be positive and require that a geocaching goal be achieved.
* The challenge requirements should be simple, and easy to explain, follow and document. A
* A challenge cache needs to appeal to and be attainable by a reasonable number of cachers. Your reviewer may ask for a list of cachers from your area who qualify.

Why is having all 81 squares allowed but having fewer squares to fill whether it makes a line, up or along or diagonally is not - surely completing your full grid could be considered 'grid art' just the same as filling 17 squares that happen to make the shape of an 'X'

Why have HQ said 'no' to these ?

thank you
Re: Grid Art
February 18, 2020 04:14AM
I believe that I read on the forums somewhere that D/T art is "user-defined" and thus is not allowed. What guideline that breaks, I do not know.
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